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    If u want me to stay, I will…
    If u want me to go, I’ll stay behind u…
    But if one day, u see me slowly fading away,
    It’s not coz I ain’t caring no more…
    It wud be just one reason,,,
    U pushed me away… :?

    In love,
    never put urself in a situation
    were u don’t know were u r in his life.
    Never expect, never assume
    so if he choose to drop u,
    u still have enough courage to move on…

    Losing the one u love hurts.
    Some ppol say that u’ll get over that prson easily.
    But it really isn’t easy…
    Especially when dat one prson
    was the one u ever loved… :D

    Have u ever noticed that the worst way to miss someone is when they are right beside u and yet u cant have them and u’ll just sid around and watch them fall for someone else… :cry: :cry:

    Often times we say gudbye to the one we love without wanting to…
    Though it doesn’t mean we stopped loving them or we stop to care..
    Sometimes, GOODBYE is the painful way to say “I LOVE YOU…”
    :cry: :cry:

    We do become selfish when we love someone,
    Gusto mo sayo lang siya..
    Hindi pwede sa iba..
    But what if may humingi sa kanya,,?
    At gusto niya ring sumama?
    Papayagan mo ba?
    O magdadamot ka?
    When u love someone,
    Learn to FORGIVE and FORGET…
    Yah! That’s how love works!
    Pero pano kung paulit-ulit ka na lang niyang cnasaktan?
    Will u just allow urself to be stupid dahil sa LINTIK NA LOVE na yan? :x

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